Canteen at the Vocational Training Centre, Karben, South Hesse




Room acoustic system as decorative element

In the canteen of the vocational training centre in Karben, South Hesse the sound in the room which is over six metres high is pleasantly attenuated – even when hundreds of young people and adults are present at meal times. In this respect the CapaCoustic Melapor acoustic elements from Caparol provide a signif icant contribution. Provided in a wave-shape as a canopy or as cylindrically shaped baffles, they hang below the ceiling on wires, they regulate the room acoustics and bring ligh tness and the joy of colour into the room. Or they act discreetly in the background, like the classically adhesively bonded white panels. The Caparol ColorDesignStudio developed the colour concept. Three different elements from the CapaCoustic Melapor system were employed: cylindrical baffles, concave and convex canopies as well as smooth panels. In the particularly noise-intensive areas of the counters and in front of the meal serving points baffles and canopies were mounted on the ceiling along with adhesively bonded panels. In total 312 panels, 32 baffles and 28 canopies were installed in concave and convex configurations.



Canteen at the vocational training centre, South Hesse

Building owner
Berufsbildungswerk Südhessen, gemeinnützige GmbH


CapaCoustic Melapor elements

  • Panels of thermosetting, plasticised soft foam based on melamine resin with a filigree, open-celled structure
  • For direct gluing as wall and ceiling cladding or as baffle or canopy suspended freely in the room
  • High sound absorption capacity and high temperature resistance
  • Suitable for retrospective renovation
  • Maximum colour variety – coating with CapaTrend, Collection 3D Plus
  • No static charging – does not attract dust