Town hall extension, Brackenheim

PAINT | Capadur F7-LangzeitLasur (durable glaze)



Glazes and acoustic plasters as ceiling coating

The extension of the town hall in Brackenheim was designed by the Stuttgart architectural office of Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei. The new wing, consisting of a long building and a transparent intermediate building leading to the baroque town hall, assumes the scale, shape and mat erials of the surroundings. Nevertheless, a complex of new buildings is formed which is clearly recognisable as such. The so-called Long Building offers space for administration offices which were previously spread over the town, whereas the connecting block accommodates the citizens‘ advice bureau on the ground floor and the as sembly hall of the town council on the upper floor. The assembly hall draws its special quality from its glazed facade and from the wooden ceiling construction which passes from the outside to the inside. Whereas the posts on the glass facade remain unchanged in their wooden appearance, the ceilings were given a glazed coating in white. They were implemented with the alkyd-resin glaze Capadur F7 long-lasting glaze from Caparol.  It protects the externally exposed wooden roof elements from the weather and lends an homogeneous appearance to the hall ceiling on the inside . White also dominates the other areas of the building. All the wall paints, emission-minimised and solvent-free dispersion coatings, were supplied by Caparol. The planning also included the a djustment of the room acoustics. Particular attention was paid to the citizens’ advice bureau, because with large numbers of visitors discretion at the counters and consultation tables had to be maintained. The conventional solution of a suspended ceiling was rejected by the planners. Instead, the choice fell on the CapaCoustic Fine system. The highly porous and non-combustible mineralfibre panels were directly glued to the raw ceiling and were able to significantly reduce the sound propagation in the room


Town hall extension building, Brackenheim

Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, Stuttgart

Building owner
Municipal authorities, Brackenheim


Capadur F7 durable glaze

  • Medium layered, highly weather-resistant wood glaze with UV protection for outdoors and indoors
  • Biocide-free, free of aromatic compounds
  • High UV protection due to ferric oxide pigments, additional UV protection through UV protective filter
  • Long-lasting protection against damp, good diffusion properties
  • Long open time, uniform glaze appearance without lapping