Office building Bestseller, Aarhus, Denmark




Facade arrangements with natural stone lesenes

In 2015 in the Danish harbour town of Aarhus a new office building was built for the fashion enterprise, Bestseller. The project which was planned by the office of C.F. Møller joined five different building structures together on one common base to give an interesting design of a “town within a town”. The largest building complex reached a height of twelve storeys. The facades on the north and south sides are subdivided by natural stone lesenes which are joined together to form a relief-type, animated facade cladding. For the design of the subtly rhythmised grid facade the architects chose a bright Sicilian natural stone of the type “Grigio Bottarga”. The natural stone facade was implemented with the system, LITHO Stone, from Lithodecor. The processed stone is a high-quality conglomerate from a quarry near Palermo which has been nat urally pressed over millions of years from different types of stone. The natural stone offers not only the desired look, but rather is also versatile in use and is resistant to salt-laden air at the location. Inside, the building provides for about 800 employees office areas, conference rooms and ateliers, film and photographic studios, showrooms and a large canteen with a vie w over the Aarhus bay.

All functions are connected via a central hall which passes as an in ternal thoroughfare through the ensemble at various levels from the foyer through to the canteen. The integration of the surrounding galleries of the upper storeys and the incident daylight via the large skylights also facilitate the use of the axis as an audit orium or catwalk. The interior receives additional signif icance and a direct reference to the facade design through the reduced variety of materials on the wall panels and floors of natural stone in combination with fair-faced concrete, through elements of glass-blasted steel and through stairways in dark oak wood.

Wide-ranging functions

In the area of the facade and of the interior wall-coverings, apart from the 1.90 metrehigh and 1.38 metre-wide natural stone panels, 1.90 metre-long and 44 centimetrewide lesenes as well as 1.10 metre-wide and 70 centimetre-deep window sills are used. On site the elements were bolted onto an aluminium substructure, sanded down in the joint region and mounted with metal anchors in front of the closed glass facade of triple-glazed safety glass. The stairways and floors were implemented classically with four-centimetre-thick natural stone panels. Due to the interaction of the various elements and the striking visual effect of the natural stone, a high-quality ambience with a flowing transition between inside and outside was created which even at first glance appropriately represents not only the architectonic quality of the new building, but also the high design aspirations of the fashion enterprise.


Office building, Aarhus, Denmark

C.F. Møller, Aarhus, Denmark

Building owner
Bestseller A/S, Brande, Denmark


Facade system LITHO Stone

  • Curtain wall, back-ventilated facade with natural stone panels on lightweight concrete bearers
  • Equalisation of unevenness through flexible substructure, weather and frost resistant
  • Hidden mounting on aluminium substructure
  • Stone varieties: limestone and sandstone, slate, granite (polished, ground); all other stone varieties and surfaces on request
  • Up to 7.7 square-metre panel size depending on raw stone format, up to 1 .12 square metres in overhead applications.