Rena Lange Headquarters, München




Dark rendered facades

If functional structures convincingly represent the identity of a company, then architecture becomes “Corporate Architecture”. The architect, David Chipperfield, designed the RENA LANGE Company Headquarters in Munich by following this maxim. Even the first glance at the impressiveness of the Munich fashion label is sufficient to describe it briefly, succinctly and concisely. This building is black – and in fact consistently black. But moreover, the unmistakeable exterior conceals a well thought-out building concept which is very modern and functional in the detail development. The ambitious black rendered facade was realised with a lightness value of seven, which is extremely low for this field of application. For this building the planners chose the facade insulation system, Alprotect Nova, with the innovative carbon technology. With its high impact resistance and low susceptibility to soiling the system concept presents a solution which preserves the value.

Elegant interior

Behind the jet black facade robust and bright materials, such as cement screed, as well as a colour scheme mainly restricted to white and grey characterise the elegant interior. The special studio character of the building is clearly emphasised by the large, vertical sliding windows. The ground floor houses the lobby, canteen, the outlet store with a separate entrance and the stores. On the second floor the architect designed a spacious interior courtyard with lush plan ts and arranged the studio and showroom around it. The colour concept which is reduced to a few nuances is remarkable. A mainly white design with a few grey and black areas structure the interior and guide the customers through the foyer and up the stairs into the showroom. Here, the architecture is also set back and offers a perfect setting for polished presentations. The shape follows the function – understatement is the maxim. Only the main stairs sets a subtle contrast. With its clearance height of ten metres it is reminiscent of a large spacious catwalk.


Headquarters of Rena Lange, Munich

David Chipperfield, London

Building owner
M. LANGE & Co. GmbH, Munich


Facade insulation system, Alprotect Nova

  • Premium facade insulation system with mineral wool insulation and innovative carbon technology
  • Excellent fire protection
  • Colour design up to lightness value 05
  • Impact resistant up to 15 joules – with special protective function up to 60 joules
  • High colour stability through facade paints with carbon technology
  • Low susceptibility to soiling due to nano-technology and Hydrobalance® effect