Production facility of Poster XXL, Munich

FLOOR COATING | Disbothan 436 PU-Decksiegel (floor sealer)



Industrial floors under extreme mechanical stress

The requirements when renovating floors in production shops and warehouses are wideranging. In particular when a uniform and especially resilient solution is needed on different substrates. This was exactly the case during the renovation of the 10,000 square-metre large production shop and warehouse area at Poster XXL GmbH in Munich. The company is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of photographic services using digital printing. The substrates of the hall, which was originally used by a haulage company, consisted of poured asphalt, The concrete and various old coatings. At the same time height differences had to be equalised. The planners chose the DISBON floor coating Disbothan 436 PU floor sealer as a well-proven and long-lasting coating for this field of application. Priming took place with Disboxid 460 EP Ground and Disboxid 461 EP Filler New. The renovation of the factory floor was completed in only six weeks, including comprehensive preparation work such as surface cleaning by shot blasting and cutting work.

The coating of the factory floor withstands very high mechanical loads without problem, e.g. stacker-truck traffic.


Production shop and warehouse area, Poster XXL GmbH, Munich

Elaboration by DISBON Key Account Manager and Gleeds Munich (real estate management)


DISBON floor coating Disbothan 436 PU floor sealer

  • Pigmented 2-component polyurethane resin for mineral floors and hard asphalt areas indoors
  • Versatile in use as self-levelling coating, self-levelling mortar and sprinkle-finish coating
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Can be highly stressed mechanically
  • Statically crack-bridging