Showrooms of OrangeBikeConcept, Hanover

FLOOR COATING | DISBON 385 PU Premium Coating



Resilient floor coating

For interior spaces the building protection experts at DISBON have specially developed a floor coating system with which resilient surfaces can be produced. The DISBON 385 PU premium coating is as olvent-free two-component polyurethane coating which, due to its high elasticity, has crack-bridging properties and dampens the sound of footfall. The coating offered ideal prerequisites for the design of the severely stressed floor in the sales and show rooms of OrangeBike-Concept, a supplier in Hano ver specialising in electric vehicles. Various substrates of tiles, asphalt and cement received an application of the coating. Priming took place with Disboxid 460 EP Ground and Disboxid 461 EP Filler New – two transparent two-component epoxy liquid resins for the primer and scratch coating of mineral floor surfaces.

The coating of the severely stressed floors in the sales and show rooms of OrangeBike-Concept in Hanover was implemented with the floor coating DISBON 385 PU premium coat.


Sales and show rooms of OrangeBikeConcept, Hanover


Floor coating DISBON 385 PU premium coat

  • Emission-minimised solvent-free 2-component polyurethane coating
  • UV resistant and resistant to yellowing
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Elastic, bridges cracks
  • Deadens sound of footsteps