Art museum, Ravensburger

PAINT | Indeko-plus



White walls with a high-quality coating

In the Old Town in Ravensburg an impressive art museum has been built. The new building offers space for the Selinka private collection with about 230 works. It blends almost seamlessly into the historical neighbourhood between venerable patrician houses and late Gothic residential buildings, but a second glance shows that it originates from the present time. A remarkable feature is the material of the shell. In actual fact it is old and consists of coarsely pointed bricks from a dismantled monastery. The same bricks also form the vaulted roof. The external appearance may be unexciting, but the room concept is very distinct with its neutral exposition areas on the ground and upper storeys together with the foyer and the stairway. The rooms are set back and therefore become more concise. For the wall coatings the planners chose the hard-wearing Caparol interior paint, Indeko-plus, and Capacryl PU Satin for the enamelled surfaces. The colour and gloss level were exactly matched.


Art museum, Ravensburg

Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, Stuttgart

Building owner
City of Ravensburg



  • Emission-minimised, solvent-free interior paint for walls and ceilings
  • Water-thinnable, environmentally friendly and low odour
  • Free of fog-promoting substances
  • Double covering power, has excellent repair properties.
  • Very high whiteness level, lightly filling, non-yellowing