High-water pump station, Cologne-Rodenkirchen

PAINT | Capalac effect enamel



Noble enamelling with high resilience

The high water pump station in Cologne-Rodenkirchen is not a mundane engineering building, but rather a genuine eye-catcher. The rounded building structure with a perforated steel shell appears like an artistic sculpture. It conceals the sewage water pump system and the air extraction equipment. The recesses in the metal panels are reminiscent of washed up driftwood. A curved, walled, basalt front delimits the ensemble to the other side. The planners chose Capalac effect enamel for a particularly resilient final coating. The two-component enamel gives the surface a high-quality, noble finish with high weatherresistance and light-fastness. The primer and intermediate coatings were implemented with Capalac thick-film enamel.



High water pump station, Cologne-Rodenkirchen

Dirk Melzer, landscaping architect, Cologne

Building owner
Municipal drainage works, Cologne


Capalac EffektLack

  • Two-component metallic and pearl-gloss sprayed enamels based on alkyd resin for indoors and outdoors
  • High-quality, noble surfaces
  • Free of aromatic compounds
  • High weather-resistance and light-fastness